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SOUTHWEST CHIEF AGAINST T 01:00 A Challenging One Hour Activity with the Westbound Southwest Chief
A BAD DAY FOR TRAINS PART 04:00 In Part 2, you venture through the snow storm as you head east from Seligman to Winslow
A BAD DAY FOR TRAINS PART 04:00 In Part 1, you head towards winter weather as you travel east from Needles with a heavy load of international containers from the
WESTBOUND SOUTHWEST CHIEF 05:00 Westbound Southwest Chief from Winslow to Needles

Engineer Date Joined
54 - scottala96  2015-10-19 
157 - Akip Tsaqif  2015-08-27 
150 - aragau101  2014-11-20 
116 - NCRR  2014-09-14 
113 - lucstef  2014-08-25 
16 members in training 


Last 10 Timeslips

[2013-01-17] C&NW Engineers - Apply Now To Join The NERR
[2012-10-24] VRs Merge! C&NW and PARR Now Joining NERR
[2010-08-18] We Welcome New Members
[2010-01-06] New Routes & Work Orders Added
[2009-03-12] Steam Certification Level 1 Course
[2009-03-04] A New VR: vSARR Opens Its Doors!!
[2009-01-29] Life Goes On At The NERR
[2008-07-05] We are accepting new work orders again!
[2008-06-30] Diesel Certification Level 1 Course
[2006-05-13] Now Accepting Applications
[2005-07-22] NETS 2.0 Update
[2005-01-09] "Let's Talk Trains" Show
[2004-06-26] vNERR Announces two new Virtual Railroads
[2004-06-20] vNERR's Chippewa Valley is officially released
[2004-05-20] ACR Employees come to work to find doors locked!

TS # ID # Date Filed TimeRoute
54187 130 2016-02-06 1.1 CNW
54186 15 2016-02-05 1.2 PO
54185 15 2016-02-05 0.4 PO
54184 15 2016-02-05 1.0 PO
54183 15 2016-02-05 1.0 PO
54182 15 2016-02-05 1.1 PO
54181 15 2016-02-05 0.4 PO
54180 15 2016-02-05 0.5 PO
54179 15 2016-02-05 0.5 PO
54178 15 2016-02-05 0.5 PO

Thursday, 17 January, 2013

C&NW Engineers - Apply Now To Join The NERR submitted on 17:30 EST by John Hodgkinson
To join the NERR, all C&NW engineers can do the following:

... Apply in the normal way to become an NERR engineer. Click on Join US in the left column on this page and complete the application form.

... You will be moved the final step in the induction process by the NERR's HR Director, where you will choose an NERR Division.

... Your application will be finalised, and you will be added to the NERR callboard and all NERR forums.

... You will then have access to all NERR and C&NW routes, work orders and equipment.

Wednesday, 24 October, 2012

VRs Merge! C&NW and PARR Now Joining NERR submitted on 19:15 EST by John Hodgkinson
The C&NW and PARR virtual railroads will integrate with the NERR to form one railroad. All the routes, equipment and work orders from the NERR, C&NW and PARR will be available to all members of the three former railroads. More information will be posted in the NERR forums and here as it becomes available.

Wednesday, 18 August, 2010

We Welcome New Members submitted on 00:33 EST by John Hodgkinson
If you are interested in joining the NERR, you are very welcome to do so. Just click on the Join Us link to the left, and you'll be given full instructions on how to become an NERR engineer.

Wednesday, 6 January, 2010

New Routes & Work Orders Added submitted on 22:40 EST by John Hodgkinson
We have added several new routes to the NERR network recently, including the ATSF Gallup Sub, the Seligman route, and the Cajon Pass freeware route. New work orders have also been added for a couple of our existing routes. You can find the newest work orders by searching in the database using the "Recently Added" menu option.

Thursday, 12 March, 2009

Steam Certification Level 1 Course submitted on 00:14 EST by John Hodgkinson
Our Steam Certification Course is now open for applications from suitably-qualified NERR Engineers. Read all the details and submit your application in the appropriate thread in the Steam Certification Forum at the NERR Forums. We have a team of people ready to help you succeed in the course.

The Diesel Certification Course is still available. If you have not undertaken the course, try it!

Wednesday, 4 March, 2009

A New VR: vSARR Opens Its Doors!! submitted on 04:01 EST by John Hodgkinson
Some exciting news has hit the stands today. A new Virtual Railroad has been born. Virtual South African Railroading (vSARR) has opened its doors and is accepting new Train Driver Applications.

We have decided to start small and build the railroad one step at a time. Besides the three work orders available during the NTDO Programme, there are 4 work orders for the SA4 (Western Province Metro Route) - rather challenging and trying to match the real world times for the Local passenger service (Metro Rail). More work orders are in development. We will soon release the next route - the Garden Route (SA1), where the most famous Oteniqua Choo-tjoe runs.

On successful application to the railroad, you will immediately be enrolled into our New Train Driver Orientation Programme. This gives you the opportunity to download the first route, SA4, as well as the most common trains in our stock, the SAR Class 37-005 Diesel. Plus a few other little items as well.

As this is a new railroad, we will be adding work orders, and rolling stock, one small bit at a time. Once we have finished unrolling the entire list of products for this great country, we will be boasting 10 fabulous routes and rolling stock ranging for modern electric to old era steamers. We will also have a great range of passenger work orders that closely resemble the real world counter parts.

Come and be a part of history. Join vSARR today and come work for a local railroad. Get paid in Virtual Rand; drive the blue train, Metro Rail, Shosholoza Meyl, Oteniqua Choo-tjoe, and a huge amount of freight all over the countryside. Come see the beautiful South African Country from the view of an engine cab.

Join today and get a free subscription to our forum, training and a lot more. You will get to run Work Orders incorporating some real world time schedules, from getting passengers to work early the morning, to taking them home in the evening. The Freight division will open up a whole new world of working the local yards, high balling to another town for some pick ups and head on back, Be careful of your guard (conductor), he can be a grumpy old man sometimes! You will get to do training from Orientation right through to Diesel, Steam and Electric Certification; there is a passenger course on the way, maybe even try your hand at shunting some Hazardous Materials, around a big yard. Your Yard Master can be real picky about where you leave things.

Train Simulator will never be the same again! Go to http://www.vsarr.co.za and experience a whole new world!!

Thursday, 29 January, 2009

Life Goes On At The NERR submitted on 00:48 EST by John Hodgkinson
Life is always busy at the NERR:

1. We are slowly adding new work orders. If you have developed some that you would like us to add to our database, go to the forums and check out the way that you can do this.

2. There are places available in the Diesel Certification (Level 1) course. Go the Training forums and join the course - self-paced and not too difficult.

3. We are still open to adding new freeware routes to the NERR network, as long as someone is prepared to develop some new work orders for the routes.

4. And we are still getting several applications to join us each week. There is a short induction program to go through, and then you'll have full access to over 1000 work orders and the equipment needed to run them.

5. And we are still having fun!! Even after all these years!!

Saturday, 5 July, 2008

We are accepting new work orders again! submitted on 02:38 EST by John Hodgkinson
If you are interested in developing new work orders for the NERR network, please read the postings in the Developing New Work Orders forum. We are keen to add more work orders to the 1000+ that are already available to our Engineers.

We have a new procedure for getting new work orders tested, so go and read about it in the forum.

Monday, 30 June, 2008

Diesel Certification Level 1 Course submitted on 22:46 EST by John Hodgkinson
We are now accepting applications from NERR engineers to undertake our Diesel Certification Level 1 Course. Requirements for the course are described in the Diesel Certification forum in the NERR Forums. It takes about 30 hours to complete the 20 work orders and 2 exams. Course graduates receive an individualised certificate and a bonus 30 hours of running time added to their total. For more information, read the forum postings and ask questions about anything that you are not sure of.

Saturday, 13 May, 2006

Now Accepting Applications submitted on 07:47 EST by artimrj
Our new New Engineers Orientation program is now open and we are accepting new applications. This new systen called NEO is completely automated. Just follow the steps beginning with clicking on the JOIN button to your left on the menu.

Friday, 22 July, 2005

NETS 2.0 Update submitted on 22:53 EST by elementb
NETS will be updated to Version 2.0 starting on Saturday July 30. During this time NETS, NEAWOS, the roster and any other areas using NETS may not be accessible. If you need any work orders or equipment please download them prior to this date. Check the forums for any updates.

Sunday, 9 January, 2005

"Let's Talk Trains" Show submitted on 00:25 EST by artimrj
This Saturday, January 15th, Jim and I will be on the Let's Talk trains Show at http://www.letstalktrains.us

We will be interviewed about our virtual railroads. vNERR, GL&A and P&A. If you can listen in please do. If you can call in or email the show with a question or comment please do. The show is a live feed from their web site. They also have an archive section of all the past shows so if you miss it, you can go and hear it anytime.

Saturday, 26 June, 2004

vNERR Announces two new Virtual Railroads submitted on 21:56 EST by artimrj
As we approach our second anniversary, NERR has found itself positioned to open at least two additional VRs. While NERR's previous endeavors were focused on the freeware side of the community, these two VRs will be based on payware routes.

The first VR will utilize the Cajon Pass 2 & Tehachapi Pass 2 routes by 3DT as well as the Kicking Horse Pass 2 route by MLT and upon its release MLT's Cascade Crossing Route.

The second VR will utilize the Kicking Horse Pass 2, Michigan Iron Ore: LS&I, The Bridge Line, and Sandpatch routes by MLT. The Kicking Horse Pass 2 route will serve as the transition route between the two VRs in addition to allowing work order developers the ability to transition into NERR through it's Northwest Division.

Both VR's will utilize the equipment included with their respective routes, as well as selected freeware products that have been released to the community. The works of Svante Wendel, Gaetan Belanger, and Bill Cline are some of the primary developers whose work will be highlighted in work orders developed for the two VRs.

Similar to NERR, all work produced by the staff of each VR will be free to members. The only expense that members will experience is the cost of the payware route(s) they wish to run on and any donation they choose to make to the 3rd party developers whose material is used. Individuals will be allowed to participate by only owning one of the routes utilized within a VR.

Work orders developed for the Kicking Horse Pass 2 route will be available from within both VRs. Individuals will be allowed to participate in both VRs as long as they complete the minimum monthly requirements to maintain membership (2 work orders per month)

NERR is finishing up the primary details for these 2 VRs and more info should be forthcoming in the near future. The western VR will be called the Pacific & American Railroad (virtual) and the eastern VR will be called the Great Lakes and Allegheny Railroad (virtual).

Sunday, 20 June, 2004

vNERR's Chippewa Valley is officially released submitted on 07:20 EST by artimrj
Well, the day is here. Father's Day no less. Somewhat fitting don't ya think?

Anyway. NE_CVRR is now offically released to the NERR users for the Central Division. This endeavor began almost 6 months ago with the author's (Glenn Nicols) permission and blessing. For those that have the original, you will be pleasntly surprised with the changes made in NERR's version. It has just about everything including the kitchen sink and then some. Some items will be subtle, whereas other will be major. You will definitly notice changes for those that have the original.

Though small in comparison in mileage it makes up for that in activity scenarios. There will be the potential of an abundance of them methinks.

Special thanks to Bob Artim who was actually a co-designer (or re-designer) and head alpha and beta tester. Brian Element (had to have the Canooks involved...makes the route an international endeavor ) also was a beta tester in it's final stages. Mike Martin aka mmartin51 also gave a hand. Glenn Nicol the original author who's support for DEM's, permissions and blessings made this version totally possible. And last but not least, the companies that make Peptobismol, Tums, Rolaids, Preperation H, and tranqulizers I give a hearty thanks for keeping me sane and pain-free. Without them the Route Builders Guild would be moot.

So...enjoy the route. It was fun (I'm lying here, OK) making it. But not as much fun as it will be to see other enjoying it. Then nothing will be in vain.

If there are any problems, just let me know or Bob. We'll fix whatever we can as fast as we can.


Creator of PRRR and Hoodoo Pass 2.5 "Cascadia"

NERR's Hoodoo Pass 1.0.
NERR's Wisconsin Central 1.0
NERR's Chippewa Valley 1.0
Now released to the NERR masses.

Thursday, 20 May, 2004

ACR Employees come to work to find doors locked! submitted on 07:57 EST by artimrj
Atlantic Coastal Railway closed it's doors unexpectedly today. ACR's CEO released a statement earlier today, "All good things must come to an end. I'm sad to say that this is the end for Atlantic Coastal as you know it. It has been an amazing three and a half years for me and I hope it was for you as well. I wouldn't trade my time with Atlantic Coastal for anything in the world and I wish it didn't have to end like this."

All is not lost though, Northeastern Railroad's Board of Directors, realizing the necessity of passenger transport in the NorthEast Corridor were quick to announce that they would be adding additional runs in the NorthEast Corridor to ease the impact ACR's departure would cause.

According to Bob Artim, NERR CEO, "ACR lost some key management personnel when NERR opened it's doors. Mr Chardavoyne tried unsuccessfully to reorganize the first of this year but he failed to identify the talent he would need to keep ACR afloat in the train-sim community. It is regretable that those folks failed to step up to the plate and give Mr. Chardavoyne their complete support."

On NERR's ability to pick up the slack, Mr. Artim continued, "We have the top management staff and employee support mechanisms in the train-sim community. As we prepare to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary in September, providing our customers with increased passenger service will go a long way to show our appreciation for bringing us this far. With over 240 engineers and driving strongly toward 300, we will probably add another 100 openings to support this increased passenger schedule."

When asked about finding trained engineers, "We have an outstanding training program for our engineers. We have led the way in developing training programs for train-sim engineers and it has proven successful in providing us trained, certified engineers. As we move into the 2nd generation of our training initiative, I'm sure our training staff will meet the challenge and allow us to maintain our excellent safety record. Their adopted slogan, 'Safety through Training' speaks well to their program."

Fallen Flags are new to the train-sim community. As in all areas of business though, there's always someone there to step in and fill the gap. It appears NERR has positioned themselves well over the last 2 years to do just that in this case.

by: JV


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